Challenge, accepted

I abandoned you, WordPress.

But I’m far from sorry.

My last entry left off with a challenge for myself – attempt to get my current manuscript to 50,000 words by the end of September. On most days I actually questioned my sanity because at the time I was under 35,000 words in, and while a lot of authors can easily pound out 5,000 or more words in a day, I can’t. Not without it being a weekend, my husband is home, and all planetary action aligns perfectly and angels can be heard singing from the heavens. I literally have two mostly uninterrupted hours a day to work, which means only about 10 hours a week (not counting what I try to get done on weekends and while my kids are at dance class) to accomplish what a lot of other writers could manage executing in a single day.

Most of the time, my two hours is cut down to one hour of trying to write, 30 minutes of typing frantically because the deadline to pick Charlotte up from pre-K looms on the horizon, and another 30 minutes of scavenging for food I don’t let my kids eat (hello, there, bag of gummy bears hidden in my office). Sometimes I allow myself a bathroom break, if we’re being realistic.

So, today is October 1 and now you’re wondering if I managed to complete my challenge, right? Here’s the breakdown:

In September I wrote 19 out of 30 days (not bad considering the two months prior)

  • Week 1: 1,083
  • Week 2: 3,972
  • Week 3: 7,631
  • Week 4: 4,585
  • Week 5: 4,490
  • Grand Total: 21,761 words
  • Manuscript Total: 53,003

Not bad for 19 days. Remind me to dedicate this book to my kid’s pre-K teacher, because without the baby being in school this year, I’d still be drowning at 35,000 words.

Next up: October.

Challenge, accepted.

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