Britton grows up in this one

I finished writing a book yesterday. That's it. Well, not really. I also made tacos for dinner and got my kid to our Girl Scout meeting on time. #winning Let me talk about this next book for a quick second, though. Letters From Emily covers a lot of time. Years. It covers her meeting Brian … Continue reading Britton grows up in this one


To Do: focus

I'm past the deadline I set for myself. I had every intention of finishing "Letters From Emily" by May 12 ... until my novella turned into more of a novel than I anticipated. The first draft is close to done, but it's still a first draft. That doesn't mean a whole lot for me because … Continue reading To Do: focus


Confession: It's been months since I was able to write anything without wanting to delete it all. All of it. Literally every word I've written and published in the last two years. Naturally, my first two books have not been spared and I do not criticize them lightly. I lash out about my writing worse … Continue reading CTRL+X


Every time I come to this space I feel like all I write are excuses, so I stopped coming here. I'm getting discouraged. I'm upset. There are less and less hours in the day it seems. I have a full plate before thinking about the (not even close to being finished) manuscript sitting open behind … Continue reading Excuses