School in session = writing time (and a sale!)

Brian and Stella’s story is on sale for a limited time while I try to muster the energy to work on To Hold instead of going to bed at 8 p.m. every night. If you’ve read To Have and enjoyed it, go ahead and point your friends in this direction (or to Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

I’m basically giving the book away at this price with the hope more people will read it and enjoy it. And if people don’t love it, it’s lendable … so lend it to a friend who just might like it and ask them to buy you a cup of coffee in return. Just don’t steal it. Stealing is bad, yo.

In the meantime, when I’m not breaking up fights between the kids or trying to convince them to go enjoy that scary place known as “outside” instead of slowly killing their brains with TV, I am attempting to get back into a solid writing routine. School is back in session next week, so I just might be on target to finish To Hold by the end of the year and have it in reader’s hands by early spring if I can focus in that two hours a day when I’m home alone. That’s my plan anyway.

I broke the 30,000-word barrier. It took a long time to get there from 25K. In August, I only had 12 days where I actually wrote and of those days four of them saw me write less than 100 words. The struggle was really real the day I managed a whole SIX words. But, they were still six additional words that weren’t there the day before, so I need to try to keep that in mind.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb and make the *very* lofty goal of hitting 50,000 by the end of September. No big. Right? I think my vision just blurred rereading that, so I did the math – 657 words a day.

Totally doable … maybe.

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