According to Goodreads, I’m 12 books behind on my 2016 reading goal. Whoops.

My 5-year-old religiously pushes on my belly and reminds me how squishy it is. She doesn’t mention the fact I pushed out an 8-pound 6-ounce child four weeks ago.

This cold weather shit needs to GTFO. I’m ready to enjoy a beer on the back porch instead of while I’m making dinner, changing diapers, rounding up kids, and rushing through the evening routine. P.S.: I have not drank a single 12-ounce bottle of beer in less than 90 minutes since I enjoyed the first one at two-weeks postpartum. I’m apparently too scatter-brained to even sit and enjoy the one adult beverage I occasionally allow myself.

I know I’ve been remiss to post here much since the beginning of the year. In all honesty there hasn’t been much to say. I finished editing To Hold and sent out beta copies. I’m waiting for two more to come back to me and am making changes based on what was noted in the first two I received. The cover is coming. I can’t set a release date yet. I feel like I’m doing nothing but sitting on my hands and waiting for things to happen so I can upload files. And I hate that I feel that way so this is the first time I’ve admitted I have that feeling.

In the meantime I started drafting the third book in the To Have series. I’m all the way on chapter two. *head-desk* After three months of working on it here and there, I’m only on chapter two.

This post has no point other than to give me 10 minutes to write something – anything – because the baby is sleeping and I don’t have enough time to dive into edits or new material before picking Charlie up from school. And now that precious 10 minutes is gone.

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