It’s Monday

And it's Mondaying with the best of them. We left last Wednesday evening for a long holiday weekend. I don't see my family often these days because the kids are involved in extracurricular activities and making a two-hour drive back home with three kids more than once a month is actually difficult.We celebrated Thanksgiving with … Continue reading It’s Monday


It’s not about the money …

This is the only "job" I've ever had where it is fully acceptable to talk to yourself and make things up. I start a story and then the characters take over. I love character driven narrative. I like the natural flow of dialogue.


Every time I come to this space I feel like all I write are excuses, so I stopped coming here. I'm getting discouraged. I'm upset. There are less and less hours in the day it seems. I have a full plate before thinking about the (not even close to being finished) manuscript sitting open behind … Continue reading Excuses

According to Goodreads, I'm 12 books behind on my 2016 reading goal. Whoops. My 5-year-old religiously pushes on my belly and reminds me how squishy it is. She doesn't mention the fact I pushed out an 8-pound 6-ounce child four weeks ago. This cold weather shit needs to GTFO. I'm ready to enjoy a beer … Continue reading