Guest Blog: One Night in College

Politics. I don't get into them. That doesn't mean I don't pay attention. I just won't fight with people about them. Human rights? Advocacy? Support? Those are more my jam, even if I do it quietly. This is one of those instances where I have quietly been supportive and advocating. In light of the recent … Continue reading Guest Blog: One Night in College


It happened again

Every June I make a plan. The kids are ending their school year and we're getting ready for summer. In my head, I have everything worked out - we'll do kid stuff during the day, have a schedule (albeit a flexible one), bedtimes will be later but still enforced because sleep is awesome, and I'll … Continue reading It happened again

Wants vs Needs

Disclaimer: I tend to be an open book about a lot of things. Mental health is one of them. Not everyone has someone they feel safe talking to, which is why breaking the stigma of mental health disorders is so important. For more information on how you can help, visit ¬† If you are in … Continue reading Wants vs Needs

It’s Monday

And it's Mondaying with the best of them. We left last Wednesday evening for a long holiday weekend. I don't see my family often these days because the kids are involved in extracurricular activities and making a two-hour drive back home with three kids more than once a month is actually difficult.We celebrated Thanksgiving with … Continue reading It’s Monday