Confession: It's been months since I was able to write anything without wanting to delete it all. All of it. Literally every word I've written and published in the last two years. Naturally, my first two books have not been spared and I do not criticize them lightly. I lash out about my writing worse … Continue reading CTRL+X

It’s Monday

And it's Mondaying with the best of them. We left last Wednesday evening for a long holiday weekend. I don't see my family often these days because the kids are involved in extracurricular activities and making a two-hour drive back home with three kids more than once a month is actually difficult.We celebrated Thanksgiving with … Continue reading It’s Monday


Every time I come to this space I feel like all I write are excuses, so I stopped coming here. I'm getting discouraged. I'm upset. There are less and less hours in the day it seems. I have a full plate before thinking about the (not even close to being finished) manuscript sitting open behind … Continue reading Excuses

According to Goodreads, I'm 12 books behind on my 2016 reading goal. Whoops. My 5-year-old religiously pushes on my belly and reminds me how squishy it is. She doesn't mention the fact I pushed out an 8-pound 6-ounce child four weeks ago. This cold weather shit needs to GTFO. I'm ready to enjoy a beer … Continue reading