Publishing countdown

One month to release:

It’s Labor Day Weekend in the United States and, like a lot of people, we’re visiting with family and planning for a day of cooking out and swimming.

That doesn’t mean my work has stopped. If anything, because my husband is off for the holiday tomorrow and we’re staying with my parents for the long weekend, I’m more determined to get things done in the two or so days I have extra hands on deck than when I’m at home alone with the kids all day.

For instance: Last night, I formatted and sent out ARC copies of Letters from Emily. Did you want one of those? You can still sign up for a copy here: LFE ARC request form. While there’s no pressure to review the work once it releases, I do encourage you to do so as it helps others determine if the book is for them. I haven’t had a lot of readers/bloggers sign up, so your chances of getting a copy are pretty dang high.


If you sign up for an ARC, please make sure you add my email address to your approved document email address list on Amazon right away so we don’t run into any glitches.

Did you know I have a newsletter? I don’t send out a lot of emails, but those who are subscribers can expect to see the full cover for Letters from Emily this week. Not a subscriber? Here, let me help you remedy that.

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know I’ve put books on sale and then had regrets (so many regrets) because they never seem to do well. I’m trying to keep an open mind moving into this next release, though, so I’ve gotten a little wishy-washy and  To Have is back on sale for $0.99 for a limited time.


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