I’m just going to rest my eyes for a minute

You guys. I put the books on sale. Again. I need to stop doing that. I also need to stop forgetting to tell people they’re on sale when they’re on sale, so …

But, in case you need them, here are the links:

To Hold is on sale for $0.99 … in the US and UK.


To Have is still on sale in the UK, but the price has already gone back up to $2.99 in the US.


Tell your friends. Plus, the entire series is in KU, so if you have that go forth and read all the words if you’re into that sort of thing.Brian love her teaser

So, there’s that. I feel like I’ve been hiding away from everyone – there’s been very little writing happening the last couple weeks and I haven’t posted here in a lot longer than I would like – but it’s not for lack of thinking about doing all the things that *have* to be done. For instance, I haven an unfinished newsletter sitting open that I wanted to finish and send out last Friday to promote the books being on sale. Haven’t finished it yet and now I have to change information because To Have isn’t on sale for the US site anymore. There are simply other things that have been needing my attention. Like this:

GS Cookies 2018

I’m currently up to my eyeballs in Girl Scout cookies, and while I have several less cases sitting in my house now, that wasn’t the story a few days ago. This takes a ton of time to sort, count what each of our girls need that aren’t whole cases, and then manage getting them to the girls they need to go to. Then there are the cookie booths. Like I said. Eyeballs. AND this picture isn’t even bad. I helped load a tow behind U-Haul for one of our local troops.

Tack on the momming, the wife-ing, the friending, and the general peopling and I’m beyond my limit and stretched so thin I can barely stand to be around myself. Like, I want to go to bed right now but I’m apparently supposed to not do that at 2:30 p.m. because I’m an adult. Lame. What I really need is a fluffy pillow, a Supernatural marathon with my husband, eleventy billions hours of sleep, and then uninterrupted time to finish writing the next book since this morning, in my head, it went from a novella to way more than that and now I’m trying to imagine how I would actually get that done in the time frame I’ve given myself on top of all those other things going on outside of writing. But, cookies.

In other news, I heard last week on the radio that being a mom ages you faster than smoking and obesity. I agree.



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