Does this thing work?

I’m attempting to start a newsletter. Since I obviously have done everything else for this writing gig out of order, this may as well come after the third book and before the nervous breakdown. Was there a pop-up thing when you got here? Maybe it’s not working. *smacks screen*

Even if I haven’t figured out how to make the sign up form show up as a thing on this page, you can still sign up if you click here. It only took me 20 minutes to find the link in my MailChimp account in order to post it here, so no rush to sign up. Or is there?

Look! I made a thing:

MLPennock tag line

Other exciting things in the last week include … right, To Cherish officially released on Tuesday Feb. 13 and that was wonderful. Some people left reviews, it was not a best seller, but it was popular enough to break the top 1,000 in Amazon’s Literary Fiction>Romance category and I’ll just take that as a win this time.

THEN! Even more exciting things. After having to put the paperback into review three different times, I approved it for sale while I was half asleep on Feb. 17 (I was up past midnight. Again.) and am literally praying I didn’t miss anything else. I’ll likely make the one minor correction I need to in the ebook sometime in the coming week.

I did a bunch of giveaways in my Facebook group and felt truly loved by the amount of participation. I gave away a gift card, books, a cookie mix, swag, and sweet pens. One lovely lady is going to receive an extra prize because she won an ebook but already has them all, so paid it forward and I sent To Have to a friend of hers. I’ll be dropping something down at the USPS for her this week. Did I happen to mention I love the people in my group?

*presses pause button* Right now, I’m simply trying to catch my breath.

School is out for the week, so I have all my girls home and, for anyone who has ever had dealings with children of any age, that pretty much means my free time is non-existent. I’ve also been watching a friends children. Life. Is. Crazy. By tomorrow evening, I’ll end up standing in the shower with my head under water thinking it’s the most exquisite spa day ever.

In the meantime, I’ve undertaken the task of learning how to make sourdough starter. I decided yesterday I was going to make English muffins with my discard and ended up at the grocery store at 9 p.m. in search of cornmeal. *palm-face* Met a lovely young man who was looking for diced chilies. I’m sure that’s story fodder for the future.

But, I mean, I’m going to make fresh, homemade English muffins, so there’s that.



4 thoughts on “Does this thing work?

  1. Ok. No pop-up, but I landed here via the newsletter sign-up from your FB page, so… wishing you continued success with your writing and everything. Looking forward to who gets caught buying diced chilies in the grocery store in our nice little college town. 😉

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