8 days to go

I’ve been ready to crawl into bed and curl up with a fluffy blanket for a few days now.

I spent half the weekend playing with Kindle Create (because I just discovered it) and then Calibre. My husband was sent the converted file for To Cherish at least six times. He is one lucky fellow, my friends. Thankfully he didn’t complain each time I interrupted his video game playing to say, “Okay, delete that last one!” #blessed

I'm broken graphic

Today I learned about Click to Tweet and decided I’m light years behind the rest of the marketing world because my reaction was first WTF and then it was “This is amazing!” and now Twitter will never be looked at the same way. Ever. Again. I’m obsessively refreshing the page to see if my links have been clicked.

Yes. Links. One for each book (so far). You want to click my link. I know you do. Go ahead. Click it.

Share the pre-order for To Cherish on Twitter.

On a more serious note, I sent out a promotional package just after midnight Sunday with the cover blurb, multiple graphics, cover images, and general begging and thanking for helping me with my book launch. If you’re interested in posting the info on your blog/Facebook/Instagram, reach out. I don’t bite and I welcome anyone who gives the small fries a chance. *waves* I’m a small fry. I’m sure my email address is listed somewhere around here, but drop a note to mlpennockauthor@gmail.com if you would like me to send you all the things to post.


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