Here we go again

I got brave – or fed up with junky sales? – and pulled the electronic version of To Hold from all other retailers. The ebook is now exclusive to Amazon and enrolled in KDP Select and I’m scared/nervous/excited to see if it does better now that it can be read directly after To Have by KU subscribers. Once To Cherish releases in a week and a half, it, too, will be enrolled. From a business perspective, this is the best move. The ebooks aren’t moving on other retail sites and if I can push the KU aspect and garner a little more readership, so be it. I have nothing to lose.

Bravery has been biting me a lot lately, if I’m being honest. I signed up for online book marketing courses, the first of which is almost over. Though the daily tasks are not cumbersome or really difficult, they are definitely motivating and have made me do things I normally may not have done … like ask a group of moms I’ve known for 8-ish years if they’d be willing to share graphics and read ARCs and post honest reviews. I hope the other course that starts early next week is just as helpful and I can get as much out of it as the one this week.

On top of those fun facts, I’ve also been toying with starting a newsletter for important do-dads and information, like release information, sales, etc. to keep people informed since Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter only reach so many users on a regular basis these days. Thankyounotsoverymuch for continuously changing your algorithms, FB gurus. Any feedback on the usefulness of newsletters would be great (aka: please leave a comment). My plan is to use MailChimp once I play with it more, which may not be until after the next book releases on Feb. 13.

That being said, I’m in the market for anyone who would like to help spread the word about To Cherish. If you’d be able or willing to post on your social media a variety of graphics, blurbs, and purchasing information, drop me an email at or leave your name/email in the comments here. This opportunity is open to anyone who wants to do a nice thing for someone else. And if you’re an author or a business person and ever need someone to throw links to things around the internet or fun graphics, hit me up. I’ll return the favor.


Do you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited? It’s your lucky day … To Have and To Hold are now both available to read for free with your subscription – and in 11 days To Cherish will be as well!

2016-07-31 09.26.52

To Have:
To Hold:
To Cherish:


3 thoughts on “Here we go again

    • I’ve got my fingers crossed! Even if it isn’t lucrative, it’s something new to try and the paperback will still be available at both Amazon and Barnes&Noble. I don’t have a KU subscription either, but I have such a huge list of TBR books that I could read for a couple years without buying anything new. I’m a hoarder. 😦

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      • LOL I’m a book hoarder, as well, and that goes for paperbacks & e-books, so … If I ever sat down & calculated how much I actually spend on books, I’m pretty sure it would fund my desired trip to Seattle/Portland. Twice. ; )


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