It’s Monday

And it’s Mondaying with the best of them.

We left last Wednesday evening for a long holiday weekend. I don’t see my family often these days because the kids are involved in extracurricular activities and making a two-hour drive back home with three kids more than once a month is actually difficult.We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and Friday morning my husband got up early and drove back to Syracuse because he had found a deal on the big gift for the girls. Like … out of a warehouse for half the price deal (but not illegal! This is starting to sound like a horrible story). He brought it back to our nice warm house, stored it away out of sight, and headed back to my parents house.Fast forward to Sunday afternoon when we came back. My plans consisted of do the four loads of laundry we somehow accrued while away, make a grocery list, maybe have a beer or a glass of wine, feed/bathe/put the kids to bed and then work (because at the rate I’m going, I won’t be publishing the next book before June 2017).

Instead we walked in to the furnace not working and the house a balmy 52 degrees … and an envelope from the government telling me my passport application was denied because the *insert unkind name* who took my photo let me keep my glasses on. I mean, I might have given him the argument that I wear them all the time, why would I take them off? Seriously, they’re in my license photo, too. And he might have said, we’re supposed to have you take them off but you should be fine. And I might have said, if I have to I will, I just don’t understand why I’d have to. And he was like, eh it’s OK. AND AT NO TIME DID HE TELL ME THERE WERE NEW REGS THAT SAY NO GLASSES.

Yeah, I put that in screamy text because it’s an important thing for people taking passport photos to be aware of and make sure assholes like me don’t talk them into letting them keep their glasses on. The woman at the post office was really hoping they’d still accept the photo, but I guess she didn’t hope hard enough. Fuck. Of course, nearly all of the photos had our heads larger than the allowable size. I was shocked to see the checks for the kids’ passports had been cashed and therefore I expect to get their documents instead of a note saying, “Hey, cute kids, but we can’t process these.”

My plan for today was simple. I showered and got ready to go to *not* Wal-Mart to get my picture taken again and then to the post office to get a new application. I put everything I needed in my purse. I picked the baby up from her spot on the floor where she was playing. She was wide awake. I let her nurse while I was finishing some things in the kitchen … and then I realized she was asleep. Why was she asleep? I looked at the clock and it was already nap time. BECAUSE OF COURSE IT WAS. *eye roll*

It’s almost kind of funny. It has to be. Between the furnace and the passport photo, I have to find humor in the situation, especially since I haven’t made a grocery list and shopping won’t get done today either. Here’s hoping I have something in the freezer I can feed the kids tonight after dance.

And here ends the story of Monday.  It’s not even noon and it has Monday’d so fucking hard .

One thought on “It’s Monday

  1. Yikes! Your Monday was Monday-ier than my Monday & I thought my Monday was the Monday-est! LOL (Went back to work after being off for 9 days, had uber emails to go through, found a couple mistakes I’d made in like October, Didn’t get through everything but had to leave at 12:30 for an appt – with a specialist I’d never met for something I may or may not have – my anxiety level was HIIIIIGH. Oh, and it’s raining.)
    But tomorrow’s Tuesday! 😀 Good luck w/ the passport photo. I don’t get the glasses thing – they say facial recognition, but umm… I’ll be wearing my glasses if you need to recognize me. LOL!!


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