Today is a writing day

When you fall out of a cycle it’s a little devastating.

I haven’t written in four days and the stir-crazy feeling of having these fictional voices in my head but no energy to get them out is starting to settle in. The last two days I said, “Tonight. I’m going to write tonight.” But then I didn’t. It’s the mom thing – the bath time, bedtime, wash the dinner dishes routine – that got in the way. I have trouble focusing when there’s too much non-writing clutter in my space, so for the better part of the last week the words won’t come out coffee from the potbecause there’s stuff on the counter, there’s a load of towels on the table that needs to be folded, it’s a thousand degrees in here but there are blankets strewn about the living room and I can see them, which makes them my nemesis.

My office is no better. Having willingly made my home in the basement, which is apt considering most writers deem their space the “writing cave” or, if you’re me, you call it “the dungeon,” I also have to share my space with things like my husband’s computer game collection, computer collection (… yes, you read that right), the dehumidifier that turns out and scares the ever loving crap out of me, and toys that were taken away from children who refused to pick them up. And now I’m sharing that space with the pieces and parts of a gigantic swingset we’re in the midst of putting together. My office smells like cedar, there’s a slide I’m not allowed to use, a rock wall I’m apparently too big to climb and some tube thingie that, last I checked, was filled with all those toys Mean Mommy had taken away eight months ago.

There’s nowhere to focus.

But today … it’s a dreary, rainy day and it’s perfect for writing. Today the words will be mine and they’ll join the 15,000 others in the manuscript for the next book because if I don’t snap out of it this book will never get written. I might have to skip bedtime tonight. I might have to leave the dishes in the sink and the towels in the basket.

I might be forced to take time for myself. *gasp*

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