It’s not pretty when I beg

I’m trying to write daily.

Now that Stella and Brian are out there in the world being read and loved (right? you guys do love them? I hope I didn’t make that up), it’s time to work hardcore on Steph’s story. As I was writing Brian and Stella, I posted unedited snippets online and after a while will likely do the same with Steph’s book. I’m trying to get into their heads and it’s proving difficult to switch gears. It’s not impossible … it just takes more than sitting in front of the computer and writing. There’s a lot of browsing Pinterest and looking at pictures of the people who are inspiration for the new characters, the new voices.

Basically I’m saying I get sucked into the Internet and it refuses to let me go, which eats the time I could use to write. However, that gives me time for posting about To Have … if only I didn’t suck at promoting things that benefit me.

I’m bad at self-promotion.

So, so bad at it.

To put it bluntly, I have trouble even asking my parents for toll money when I go home for a weekend and forget cash still exists for some things.

Doing the author thing and trying to get my name out there (which really wasn’t a huge concern for me when I was writing To Have) is the social media equivalent to asking my parents to fund a vacation to a tropical island for me and five of my friends. It’s terrifying. I don’t know the first thing about author takeovers or ordering swag or doing giveaways. I had a near panic attack emailing blogs about reviewing the book because I was afraid I’d leave something out or, worse, offend them somehow. Seriously, I was having trouble posting about having an author Facebook page in groups I’m in because I’m afraid to get booted.

I don’t want to beg people to like me/my page/my blog/follow me on Twitter/send me their first born (please don’t), but sometimes that’s what it feels like I’m doing. That’s what self-promotion is. Believe it or not, I feel totally comfortable posting about my writing and the book and where to purchase on my own pages. That only goes so far, though. I’m doing this on my own and thankfully I have some really amazing friends who share my page, post to the page, participate when I post things. Right now I’m trying to get things together for a giveaway – kind of a “hooray the book is real and I can touch it” gifting and because I reached 200 likes on my Facebook page.

One problem: I’m lacking likes.

Bigger problem? I keep trying to share the page and share the buy links on pages other than mine … but I usually chicken out because of aforementioned fear. I actually found my ovaries this morning and posted in an indie author group and on a blog page doing Saturday Shout Out. Who knows if that will help. It’s worth a shot, though, right?

I need to start taking the advice I give to my daughters – You won’t know if you can do it unless you try.

Time to put my game face on.

How many more cliches can I fit into one post?

Hey look, my coffee cup is empty. Have a great Saturday everyone!

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