It’s totally worth it

There’s so much stress and anxiety in my life right now – not just book related, but family and dance recital and getting one child ready to enter kindergarten and the other ready for pre-K – so sleeping happens but rest really isn’t a thing. My brain doesn’t shut down so I can refresh.

Last night when I finally crawled into bed close to 1 a.m. it was only because our 3-year-old woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep unless it was with me in my bed and I was snuggling her. It’s a great feeling as a mom to be needed like that, but it happened right in the midst of watching for To Have to go live, refreshing the publishing screen in NOOK Press and cursing B&N for not having a pre-order option … and I was brainstorming chapters for the next book. Needless to say, I begrudgingly crawled into bed, snuggled up with one kid. The other one crawled in on the other side of me shortly thereafter and somehow eventually I fell asleep. Kind of.

It was the kind of sleep where you wonder why you slept at all because you just wake up exhausted. Last night, or technically this morning, my brain decided that I needed to have an epic meltdown in a dream because someone reviewed To Have and referred to it as a “sweet little romantic comedy.”


For those of you who have already read it or are working through it, it might be sweet and romantic but I think most would agree with me that it wouldn’t classify as a comedy. Actually, there are a lot of parts that lack banter and wit, so this dream had me floored. When I woke up I grabbed my phone – because it’s 2015 and I don’t own an alarm clock anymore – and scrolled through my emails thankful the reviewer who did email me in the middle of the night didn’t use the word “comedy.”

Instead it was full of positives and love for my characters. Throughout the day friends have posted screenshots of the book on their ereaders, they’ve texted me telling me they’re reading on their lunch break and want to take the rest of the day off to curl up with my Brian and Stella. They’re gifting copies and asking about purchasing a physical copy.

It’s overwhelming and despite the fact I had every intention of hiding from the internet today, I can’t look away because anyone and everyone who has taken time out of their day to comment or like a status with my book cover in it or send me a message congratulating me on making it to today in one piece … you’re all the reason it’s worth it. All the work and the stress, the tears, the fear, the elation, the heart-exploding-in-my-chest feeling. It’s your fault.

Thank you for supporting this project and me. Thank you for caring enough to tell your friends about a book by an unknown author.

I feel like I did my job.

Now, it’s time to promote the hell out of it and dig deep into Stephanie and Max’s tale, because I would hate to make you all wait 15 months for the next book.

* If you haven’t purchased To Have yet and would like to get the ebook at the $0.99 promotional price, it’s available through Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

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